We love the MVI architecture concept.

It brings clarity and consistency to our codebases. We wish to share our best knowledge of simple, no-nonsense MVI for Kotlin, Android and beyond. It fits both small and large projects well. We hope you find the library we created useful to you and makes your life a bit easier.

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We spent the last few months building a much-improved version of our MVI library, Orbit 2, taking the best features of Orbit 1 and rewriting the rest from scratch.

Let’s jump straight into the action to show you how easy it is to build MVI into your application. We will load a list of posts to form a Twitter-like feed. …

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We at Babylon Health are delighted to introduce Orbit MVI, a library for the Model-View-Intent UI architecture pattern we’ve developed in-house and been using in production for over two years.

It gives us joy and makes our code robust, and we hope it will provide value to your project too.

What is MVI?


Mikołaj Leszczyński

Software Architect at Babylon Health. Previously at Just Eat. Enjoys fixing complex technical problems with simple solutions.

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