Not A Through Street

Some signs are not for you.

Recently, I approached a new street. It had all the markings of a cool street so I decided to explore it.

But just as I was about to walk down the street, I saw a sign that read, “Not A Through Street. “ I hesitated.


Should I walk down a street that apparently goes nowhere?

For many, this situation can be a familiar one.

In life, we encounter an exhaustive amount of “Not A Through Street” signs. And the truth, these streets aren’t for everyone.

But that street I encountered, it was for me. Whoever posted that sign I stumbled upon lied.

Indeed, it was “not a through street” — for cars.

But if you were walking, you could go down that street. If you were on a bike, you could ride down that street. Hell, if you were on a pogo stick, you could pogo down that street.

I walked down the street and am glad that I did. I almost let it pass me by.

Sometimes we have to walk down the street alone. But typically, people will follow.

However, the opportunity is not to walk down the street because you think people will follow, or because there is a prize awaiting you.

You walk down these streets because you choose to. Because you have to walk down that street.

Acknowledging “Not A Through Street” signs and walking past them is where we experience growth. Where we shed a skin that serves a season that has passed.

Antonio Neves is a nationally recognized college leadership speaker, millennial workplace expert and award-winning journalist. He’s the author of 50 Things Every College Student Should Know. @TheAntonioNeves

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