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It is due time that we bring an update on the progress of the Anything App platform. It was our intention to have a running prototype in the market at this time, however as you are aware, this is currently not the case. …

In collaboration with the London Institute for Business and Technology and Thimphu Tech Park, Anything App has delivered the first ever training sessions in Bhutan. We would like to thank all parties involved.

The two programs, a five-day course and a four-hour crash course, were delivered to c-suite executives, thought leaders and ministers. They were interactive sessions, and especially the five-day course was full of discussion.

Bhutan its major export product is hydro-power, electricity generated through using the force of flowing water. Their cheap electricity would make a compelling case for setting up crypto currency mining farms there.

Award ceremony of the five-day course

Dear community,

Thank you again for all your work on our bounty-program. It truly was a big success and it was thanks to all of you. All of the MoneyBot tokens have been distributed! Want to take a look at your status? Go to to see whether or not…

Dear all,

The token sale climate has changed tremendously over the last half a year. ICO participation activity has seen a downwards trend and as a mitigation tool, companies are changing from shorter ICO time-spans to longer ones.

We have chosen to do something similar and are extending the pre-sale…

Interested in Anything App? Take a peek at some content. Enjoy!

🔥TOP 3 ICO for June🔥:

👨🏻‍🏫Reviews from famous crypto-analysts:
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Young and Investing:
Cryptocurrency Australia:
101 ICO:
Analysis and chains:

📖Press on MoneyBot:
📖Medium Blog on Telegram size:

Youtube Channel:
Bitcointalk ANN Thread:

Anything App represents the sharing economy — of knowledge. We facilitate another revenue stream for everyone, much like Airbnb and UBER had, only this time, all you need is your smartphone.🥇

Here we go everyone! Are you ready for round 2 of the Anything App Airdrop? Remember our MoneyBot? Featured twice in the press as a revolution in bounty campaigns? Now THAT was a Bot!

So what’s next?

This brave little bot focuses on referrals into the ICO, as well as getting to know more about our project: GoldBot is live NOW!

In this short tutorial we will explain how to add your ANY tokens to an Ethereum wallet. We recommend these 5 different wallets.

Unfortunately not every wallet supports ERC20 tokens. So make sure you are using a wallet which supports ERC20/ERC223 tokens.

Here is a list of some ERC20/ERC223 compatible…

Dear community,

Thank you for being interested in the Anything App public pre-sale! Participating in the Anything App public pre-sale is a straight-forward process, which you are likely familiar with. The steps are as follows:

👉✅To participate in the public sale:✅👈
- Sign in to;
- Go to the “Verification…

Dear Community,

We wanted to share the reviews that have been done on Anything App by some of the most respected YouTubers in the industry. They don’t shill, they evaluate.

If you’re feeling lazy and want to skip the whitepaper (please read it! There’s a lot of passion in it!):

Young and Investing (53k subs)
TOP 3 ICO for June:
ICO Review:

The Crypto Lark (76k subs)
ICO Review:

Cryptocurrency Australia (23k subs)
ICO Review:

We recommend watching all of these! They all have very different styles and get into the nitty gritty of the Anything App. Pros, cons and a lot of ‘Hell yeah, I can’t wait until it comes out, because I want to use this!’

Dear Anything App Enthusiasts!

A super cool announcement: Anything App is one of the top 3 ICOs of June. Check out

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Anything App

The Anything App is a knowledge-selling platform where you can call, video-call and chat with others. Your knowledge is valuable. Open yourself to the world!

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