Completed: distribution of the MoneyBot tokens

Dear community,

Thank you again for all your work on our bounty-program. It truly was a big success and it was thanks to all of you. All of the MoneyBot tokens have been distributed! Want to take a look at your status? Go to to see whether or not your contributions to MoneyBot have been approved and paid out. If you do not know how to see your tokens in your wallet, refer to

Please keep in mind that if you have not been approved, we will not review your situation again. We have done so now twice, which is enough. These decisions are final.

The top 3 was also awarded a Nano Ledger S

So, let’s answer your questions in true ‘crypto-bounty-fashion’.

When exchange?

We will list on exchanges after we have completed our main token sale. For now, that means your AnyCoin (ANY) are also still locked. Otherwise, AnyCoin could be traded on a DEX, which we want to avoid. For that matter, since all tokens are locked, if you do see AnyCoin on a DEX, it is a fraud, and you should not purchase it.

When unlock?

After the main token sale.

When main token sale?

That’s the kicker. We cannot say just yet. The market is a mess and launching it now would cost resources, rather than create them. However, with product development in full swing, we will have to complete our token sale before launching the AnyCoin component of the Anything App.

Which brings us to something important: following the good bits of Lean Methodology (not saying Lean is perfect, but we can extract lessons from it), we are going to send out a smaller version of the app before too long, so the market can give feedback on it. After all, we want the Anything App to be widely used and accepted by society, and therefore we need to give them a bit of say in what they like.

We can already start this process before integrating AnyCoin, which gives us certain advantages. For example, we are able to illustrate traction during the main token sale. Another benefit is simply that we will have something in the market sooner, so we can start building a community of experts and increase the awesomeness of the product. We are always working on both awesomeness and experts gathering.

This might mean you’ll see Anything App on the market before we launch the main token sale. It truly depends on market conditions and other arising opportunities.

In short: we will keep you notified.

DISCLAIMER: Strategy is always subject to change. Anything App is not going for a quick fix. We are building a product that we want to capture the world with. The Anything App has the potential to change millions of lives for the better and we should look beyond ourselves to concentrate on that greater purpose.