Development update: launch postponed to a TBA date.

Dear all,

It is due time that we bring an update on the progress of the Anything App platform. It was our intention to have a running prototype in the market at this time, however as you are aware, this is currently not the case. Though we are repeatedly being challenged, we are not giving up just yet.

Upon the completion of the pre-sale of our ICO, we noticed that the funds gathered could not sustain our development team. Our marketing budget cut into some of the ICO earnings, and the pre-sale actually left us with fewer funds than that we started with. As a result, development speeds slowed down significantly.

While there is a variety of sources a company can try to attract capital through, we found that pre-launch crypto companies were both in abundance and out of favour. Despite continuous efforts, we have been unable to gather follow-up capital.

The way we see forward now is playing the long game. The Anything App team has no choice anymore but to diversify how we spend our time, while planning to reinject personal founder FIAT/time into Anything App, in order to get to the point where it can start helping people at scale. Having already pushed our resources as far as was possible, we need to spend a significant amount of time building up again. As a result, we can give no more details than a vague “we are still dedicated to launch in the future”, as there are too many variables to come with a clear roadmap. However, one should be advised that it will be at least a year from now.

It is said that 95% of start-ups fail. The Anything App team realizes that this is a worst-case scenario and are left with feelings of guilt, as you have given us your support. The few raised funds have been allocated towards development, while we kept trying to raise additional funds. As a result, launching capital for Anything App is absent, which is necessary in order to bring alive a two-sided marketplace. We also cannot ethically involve people to develop for equity at this point, which is why we are moving forward with other initiatives and then leveraging those to benefit Anything App.

We understand that this is a blow and we sincerely apologize. We continue to give it our best. At this point, that means focusing on more efficient ways to gather FIAT, in order to reconvene at the opportune moment. When we have another update, we will make sure to send it to your email.

With warm regards,

Anything App Team