Extending the token sale; 23rd of July

Dear all,

The token sale climate has changed tremendously over the last half a year. ICO participation activity has seen a downwards trend and as a mitigation tool, companies are changing from shorter ICO time-spans to longer ones.

We have chosen to do something similar and are extending the pre-sale until the 23rd of July. It is in our ICO participants best interest (and the company’s too!) to postpone the main token sale until the crypto-climate pulls up a little (bull markets!). Please do note that naturally we will launch the main sale before we launch the crypto component on the Anything App in Q4.

Be sure to visit us on Telegram at https://t.me/anythingapp and read our pinned messages!

  • Do not get fooled; we do not reach out for “private deals”.
  • We do not employ “sales agents”.
  • You can find the legitimate admins in our Telegram channel.

Thank you! Talk soon and see you on the Anything App.