Don’t forget to PR yourself!

We all know that PR is a vital ingredient for a successful business or brand, but when it comes to your own personal brand, are you doing enough to promote it? I would make an educated guess that the answer to this question is no, many of us are not!

A good friend once told me that personal PR boils down to what people say about you when you are not around to hear it. It can be how you make people feel, the impact of your winning smile or simply your general reputation amongst your peers. Perhaps this is something that you have never consciously thought about before, or perhaps it doesn’t come very naturally to you, but trust me, it’s certainly well worth investing in. There will come a point in your career where the amount of time you have put into promoting yourself will actually repay you. It may be that you land a new job role or client as a result of the leg-work that you put into this, who knows, but what I can tell you is that a little personal PR has worked wonders for me!

So, what can you do to raise your personal profile? I would recommend that you start by considering yourself as your own client. Create a realistic plan of attack including a calendar of activities, just as you would for a paying client. Here are some practical personal PR ideas to get you started…

In this tech savvy world, it’s never been easier to PR yourself from the comfort of your own living room. You could commit to writing a regular blog on your areas of expertise and then share it through your social media channels. You don’t even need to take regular time out of your day to do this because with social media scheduling tools likeBuffer, you can schedule all your social content upfront and simply leave the tool to populate your channels for you!

One of the most effective channels to update with your thought leadership ideas is LinkedIn. Simply by committing to posting regular updates on your LinkedIn profile, or by publishing articles that you have written onto the platform, you will soon radically boost your profile amongst your peers. Just make sure your content is well thought out and appropriate for the channel!

You could even start hosting your own webinars to share your industry knowledge amongst your growing following. There are free webinar hosting tools like Zoom which work a treat for this kind of activity, so if you have a hot topic you’d love to talk about, why not give this a go?

Of course not all your PR can be done from your sofa. Attending networking events and building authentic relationships based on a mutual interest should be a key element of your personal PR plan. Or, if you are feeling brave why not start seeking out opportunities to speak in public about your field of expertise?

Whichever PR activity takes your fancy, the aim is to try and gain yourself some avid advocates who support whatever it is that you’re about. Do not underestimate the power this can have! Yes, the first time you try out any of these activities it may be a little scary, but you’ll soon find your feet and as your confidence grows, so too will your professional reputation and the opportunities that arise from it!

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