Top 3 WordPress Trends of 2017 That Can Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

WordPress entered the market with dominance over blogging websites. It became quite popular medium for developing simple and easy to navigate personal blogs. The popularity of this platform gradually increased with the addition of more in-built features, tools and themes for those who wish to build a website on their own.

WordPress for Business Websites

WordPress soon overtook HTML and PHP based business websites owing to its alluring and irresistible features:

  • It is an open source content management system (CMS) that is easy to install and use without any overhead.
  • WordPress platform is versatile to satisfy your diversified business needs utilizing its extensive features and in-built tools.
  • WordPress websites have an SEO advantage as they are easier to crawl by search engines.
  • Websites built on this popular CMS are safe from hackers as WordPress is very specific about the security of its users.
  • With uncountable themes and plugins available in WordPress, users are spoilt for choice. They can choose the template that suits the nature of your business.
  • Business websites that require the addition of multimedia such as images, audio and video are best developed using WordPress.
  • Last but not the least, WordPress websites are mobile-friendly which means a major chunk of internet users can view and access it without any resolution or navigation problems.

To take advantage of these beneficial features, discuss your business website requirement with a leading WordPress development company UK.

Knowing and Adapting to WordPress Trends of 2017

If you already have a WordPress website or are planning to build one, following are the latest trends to make your business website look more appealing and up-to-the-date:

  1. Single Page Information

Having 100 pages in your website is no way effective if it doesn’t provide the user with crisp information he/she is looking for. Instead, the current trend says to develop a single page website which is easier to build and includes only essential elements.

2. Include Parallax in Website Design

Parallax refers to the phenomenon of moving background in slow motion to create a 3D effect. Such homepage design is enough to impress the visitors who further take interest to explore your website and know about your service offerings or products.

3. Themes that Reflect Your Business

WordPress now comes with thousands of themes for you to choose the one that best fits your business requirements. What’s more is that you can make all the necessary changes in the selected theme using its tools for advanced customization needs.

Wrapping Up

WordPress websites have innumerable advantages; however, it completely depends on you how efficiently you utilize its capabilities. Procuring services of a reputed WordPress development company UK is a safe bet in this perspective. If the cost of outsourcing these services does not meet your budget, consider to hire WordPress developer that can work on your project requirements.