New Release — March 2015

After some hard work, Arima has just finished up a major revamp!

Major changes:

  • Homepage Revamp — There are 8 homepage background pictures, representing major cities from all around the globe. Each time you visit Arima, you will get to see one of the eight cities. Here is an example, and my favourite one. Guess where this is?
  • Category and Question pages now look more elegant than before.
  • As always, guest viewing is allowed, which means that you don’t need to registered to view information from the site. However, as a guest, we only allow you to view the global stats. If you’d like to see what’s happening in your country or your area, you’ll need to sign up and answer the question.
  • Commenting with Facebook is a new addition. You can now answer questions, see stats, and talk about them with others on this platform.
  • And finally, we’ve decided to switch to Medium (Tumblr is what we use before), which means this will be the first post on the new platform. Over the next few weeks, we will slowly transfer posts from the old blog. Stay tuned!