Will the “good” die in Season 6 of The Walking Dead?


As all avid watchers of the hit TV show The Walking Dead know, unexpected character deaths is a recurring theme in the series. The uncertain nature in the world of The Walking Dead, and the constant fight for survival puts everyone’s lives on the line: anything can happen at any moment. But there may be a trend that “good” characters, or characters that still holds on to their humanity tend to die more. Ex. Tyreese.

Even in the seemingly peaceful episodes, there are scares that may put doubt into the viewer’s mind. Ex. Carol and the sisters (look at the flowers!). Personally, every time I watch the show I am on the edge of my seat, hoping my favorite characters won’t die. So I got curious, and decided ask “Who do you think will most likely be killed off in Season 6 of The Walking Dead” on thearima.com. 849 people answered, and here is the first result:

I was actually a bit surprised to see Glen come out on top as the most likely candidate to be killed off, considering how popular he was. I’ve never read the comics, so perhaps some people knew something I don’t. Glen is actually one of my favorite characters, because he still haven’t completely been taken over by the blood-lust of survival at all costs that permeates through the main characters. I wonder if it is this exact quality that makes people think he will be die next, does this reflect how we viewers have also given up hope on the so called “good people” of the show?

Interestingly enough, viewers from Canada and the USA had differing opinions:

Almost 30% of the viewers from the USA believed that Glen will die, whereas in Canada, the views are fairly even. I wonder if this reflects a cultural difference between the two countries. Do Americans feel more pessimistic than Canadians regarding “softer” characters such as Glen?

Speaking of “Soft”, at the end of Season 5 we saw previously hardened characters such as Carol and Daryl slowly settle in to their new lives at Alexandria.

Although Carol was still aware of the pitfalls of comfort, she was starting to feel more settled. Daryl has made a friend in Aaron, and has become more open to the idea of helping Alexandria thrive. In both Canada and the USA, we see that a good amount of viewers believe Carol and Daryl will also die, this could again be reflective of a possible belief that characters who become “weaker” or “softer” are more susceptible to the unforgiving nature of the world in The Walking Dead.

Personally, I hope no one good dies, but that’s too idealistic. Perhaps Rick is right, and the only way to stay alive to to break the rules and only look after yourself and those closest to you and disregard all others. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in Season 6 if the next character death supports what the viewers think in the above graphs.

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