My visit to the afterlife

If I told you that I have visited the afterlife, would you believe me? Don’t worry about offending me if not, I probably wouldn’t have believed myself either, but nonetheless it is true. For a few brief minutes, which nonetheless felt like an eternity, I witnessed what happens once material life ends.

While the feeling of the soul leaving the body is certainly quite an uneasy one, as your whole being seems to struggle against it, it is rapidly replaced by something much more pleasant; peace. This is not the kind of peace you experience when switching the lights off for bedtime or the kind that spending time in untarnished nature can bring you. It is the most immersive type of peace imaginable, and then some.

What struck me the most about this experience was the feeling of infinity. As human beings we can conceptualize infinity, but our finite minds are quite limited in actually grasping what it means. Once the soul leaves mind and body behind, infinity not only becomes understandable but also immediately absorbs you to the extent where you even forget that you were a human just moments ago and being one with infinity becomes your obvious reality. And the familiarity of the whole ordeal is even more fascinating. The feeling of belonging, of knowing that you have been here, in the afterlife, many times before is breathtaking to say the least.

It is a state of ultimate bliss and tranquility.

Coming back to the material world, as I am happy I did despite the pleasantness, was quite a trip. As you begin to remember who you are and where you have been it is hard to contain yourself from laughter. The absolute magnificence of this absurd, yet so utterly sensible experience is simply too overwhelming to put in words. For days afterwards I was absolutely beaming, as the troubles of the “real” world just seemed so frivolous. Stress, deadlines and anxieties were all of such minuscule importance now that the reassuring nature of the infinity which awaits us was known to me.

Whether you believe me or not when I say that I have visited the afterlife, I hope that this disclosure can bring you at least part of the contentment that the experience itself brought me.