Moving to a New House? Use These Tips to Move Furniture

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Jan 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Shifting or moving to a new can be a big hassle. Shifting heavy furniture and machinery can be a tedious task and you also have to make sure that your furniture or machinery does not get damaged in the moving process. If you do not want to take this hassle in your hands, then you can always hire a moving service and if there is old furniture to get rid of, giving a call to any of the good NYC furniture removal companies is a fair option.

That being said, there are many tips listed below to help you in moving furniture.

Use Those Extra Blankets

Always protect your furniture from damage while shifting. You can wrap them up in extra sheets or blankets to protect them from scraping on the floors or from different obstructions such as handles and doors. After wrapping in blankets, cover them in plastic sheets so that the blanket does not come off. Your furniture will be safe from scratches.

Use Dollies and Straps

Use shoulder dollies and lifting straps to easily lift heavy weight furniture and machinery. These straps and dollies are purposefully made for lifting heavy furniture items and they shift the weight in such a way that the lifter does not feel its heavy.

Use The Sliding Technique

Dragging or lifting furniture and heavy objects can be really tiresome. Instead, make use of the sliding technique and buy furniture sliders which will help you in easy furniture moving and shifting. These aid in easy moving for heavy items. You can also create furniture sliders at home.


Disassemble your furniture and objects as much as possible as disassembling will make it easier to carry and move to a new home. You can always assemble it later on. Also, you should remove the door knobs and locks when moving furniture from and through narrow doors and passages as this will also a give a space leverage for easy shifting.

Lifting Techniques

Use proper lifting techniques and angle the weight of the furniture on your whole body and not just in your hands. Never attempt to lift heavy furniture alone as it could give you severe back, legs, and shoulder pains. Always team up with someone else to lift heavy furniture. Lift heavy objects in a high and low manner, meaning one person should it lift up while the other down as it will shift the weight in the center and it will be easier on the stairs. Also, try to hook the sofas when moving from doorways or hallways.

These were some of the tips but it is recommended to call in one of the professional moving services to literally do the heavy lifting for you. Also, if you have any spare or old furniture which you need to sell, donate or just trash, you can call in NYC furniture removal services which will take care of all your furniture hassles easily and transport it to recycle centers, charitable organizations and sell to different furniture shops for renovation and dispose of properly.

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