It’s a question I used to ask myself and other people ask me. Being a design student and trying to pursue a career in user experience design (among other things), it was important to me to document my process, a process that I have made up based of tailoring preexisting techniques and methodologies; methods and processes that I can now call my own. As a UX designer, research is a key part of my work. My project has the brief/challenge on one end and the final outcome and deliverables on the other hand, but what’s in the middle? What take me from point A to B? Are there other reasons why designers should write?

Point A & B

This isn’t Interstellar. There are no wormholes. There are however an infinite number of ways to get from point A to point B. Don’t choose the fastest or the shortest, but choose what best suits you, your client and your project.

While your final product maybe impressive, a prospective client or employer would want to know whether you met the brief/challenge in the first place, and whether or not you did with with optimal resources and good time management. Also there isn’t just a point A and B.

Points C, D, E…

Charting courses to show your prospective clients or employers what you’ve learnt by learning about possible dead ends in your early design phases will let them understand your thinking process and your will to go the extra-mile to best meet a given brief. Speaking of briefs….

There’s always a brief

Redesigned bank form suggested moving from color to white paper. The why was documented.

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

Designers, like scientists, make up a community

If scientists discover a vaccine that would help prevent a disease in children, designers would make the needle seem friendly and cute.

Why I started writing

Full disclaimer this is an article about why I personally think that designers should write. This article does not amount to any scientific research or criticisms.


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