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8 min readAug 10, 2022


Atlas is the official Team rebrand for the Petoverse project

Here users will find an overview of the transition to ATLAS & some of the changes that are making its way August of 2022.

As discussed in our prior Medium Posting, The Petoverse Project will begin implementing needed changes. The first & most noticeable of these changes, is a rebranding of our team name from ‘Petoverse’ to ‘Atlas

This rebrand does not change the Petoverse mission or the direction that the Game is headed on. This is solely a revitalization of our team as a unit in order to unify our core members & expand upon future initiatives as well as appeal to a wider audience as a whole.

The second most noteworthy element of change is the transition to a V2 of our native token & the updates that come following the issuance of the new token.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the migration process & an inside look into the newly fostered structures & features that are found within the Atlas project & contract.

$PETO Migration to $ATLAS FAQ

1. Where Will Migration Occur
Distribution of Assets will take place on the Atlas Dashboard located within the Atlas Website (Yet to be Released). There, users will be able to directly swap their $PETO tokens into $ATLAS tokens alongside the tokens launch.
2. What Is The Ratio For Receiving $PETO for $ATLAS?
The amount of Atlas tokens to be received in relation to Peto submitted is 1:1 in value. Meaning: If a holders current value in Peto is $5,000 BUSD worth, then they are to receive same value but with an amount of Atlas tokens in accordance with launch price & the initial supply. (supply details discussed further below)
3. What Is The Starting Price of $ATLAS?
Team is hosting an open launch raise via pinksale for the Atlas token, the funds raised will directly contribute to the starting liquidity pool. Therefore, launch price will be determined based upon the final BNB amount raised. PinkSale funds raised are 80% to liquidity, 20% to BNB. The 20% is to be used for the fair-launch contribution incentives (Contribution rewards to be officially announced soon). More PinkSale FairLaunch Details To Come As We Proceed. Additionally, after launch all $PETO tokens submitted for migration will be sold to acquire additional BNB to be continually added to the liquidity.
4. Why Not Just Completely Drain Liquidity From The $PETO Token To Use As Liquidity For $ATLAS?
The Peto contract does not have the retrieve liquidity function, making it unable to be drained and moved with ease. We did consider the option of using the unlocked tokens to retrieve the BNB to initiate the liquidity pool. However, it has been decided that we wish to save such tactics & funding to enhance the $ATLAS liquidity steadily over time as the Market Cap grows & our products introduce more utility & mass adoption. These carefully orchestrated liquidity injections will be an exciting testament to the stability & growth that the Atlas token is sure to see. Additionally, hosting a fair-launch raise provides a chance for investors both new & old to get their ideal amounts of ATLAS.
5. How Long Do I Have To Migrate?
Migration is expected to begin alongside launch (stay tuned for exact date). All $PETO holders will have ample time to migrate their tokens in a smooth and easy manner.


Network: BSC
Symbol: $ATLAS
Liquidity Pairing: BNB
Starting Supply: 10,000,000
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
Launch Date: August 25th (approximately)
Launch Price: TBD


Buy 5%
Treasury 0%
Inferno Pit 3%
AIF (Atlas Insurance Fund) 0%
ALE (Atlas Liquidity Engine) 2%

Sell 15%
Treasury 5%
Inferno Pit 3%
ALE (Atlas Liquidity Engine) 3%
AIF (Atlas Insurance Fund) 4%


— Atlas Rebase Engine: 10,000% APY | 500% Price Boost
Our innovative Rebase Protocol & Price Boost Algorithm are custom designed to ensure that the ATLAS contract continuously works to benefit long term investors. By providing a 10,000% APY & surrounding the protocol with features crafted to sustain value long-term, investors & holders are given the ability to immensely increase their financial standings within the project in a stable environment.
— Inferno Pit
The Inferno Pit is an inaccessible dead wallet in which 3% of token taxes accrued from ALL transactions are sent here to burned. The amazing aspect of this feature, is that every token sent to the dead wallet is also subject to the auto-staking & auto-compounding nature of the $ATLAS token. Making it so that we are continuously burning on-top of every transaction. This added aspect eliminates any inflationary aspect incurred through the rebase protocol.
— Atlas Insurance Fund (AIF)
of all sales are safeguarded by the Atlas Insurance Fund (AIF), which is designated to ensure the constant stability of prices & investments held as the project continues.
ATLAS Liquidity Engine (ALE)
This feature is also backed by a 2-3% use of transaction tax & is automatically activated every 48 hours, thus ensuring that $ATLAS-BNB liquidity levels are maintained and stay increasing autonomously. The ALE is similar to the V1 PALE, however it has since been finely tuned & algorithmically paired to work more effectively than ever before.
The Treasury plays a crucial role in providing additional assets to be utilized to ensure the growth & sustainability of the Atlas Project & its native token $ATLAS. The Game Treasury functions as an additional financial support for all of the contract features above. (ALE, AIF, Inferno Pit). The Game Treasury may also be used to fund new Atlas marketing, products, services, events, and partnerships that will expand and provide more value to the Atlas community & project.
Anti Dump Mechanism
With this mechanism in place, we aim to protect our holders investments by eliminating massive dumps through ensuring that users are only able to sell a capped amount of $ATLAS in relation to their holdings daily. (Initial Cap, 30% daily, this can be altered or removed to serve the projects & investors needs)


The Atlas Vault provides investors with an additional daily mode of earning extra tokens on-top of their constantly growing rebase rewards!
Vault Logic:
- Daily claim amounts to be received depends on the amount of tokens held. Essentially, the more you hold, the more you claim!
- Max daily rewards produced in the vault is 1% of the total supply. This amount held within the vault will drop as users claim daily, however it will never surpass the set 1% max threshold, regardless if users fail to claim.
- Claim occurs every 24 hours, if left unclaimed the tokens do not accumulate, so users must remember to claim daily in order to get the most use out of the Atlas Vault.
- If a holder interacts with the contract (buy,sell,transfer, etc), their 24 hour claim timer will reset.


Atlas Team is working to introduce several yield farms containing a variety of options for additional fixed APY percentages. Allowing holders to stake their tokens for more gains. Staked assets will receive rebase from both the farm & contract protocols, meaning that your overall APY is increased significantly dependent on which pools are selected. It is important to note that staked amounts are not applied towards your daily Atlas Vault rations. The longer the duration staked, the higher the fixed APY. More details to come! (Yield farm contracts & its addition to the dashboard is currently still under development but is planned to make its way to the Atlas Ecosystem very soon)


A new domain & design for the main project website will be introduced this week, here users will be able to find the newly created dashboard as well as links to our rebranded socials. But most importantly users will find details on our newly formatted Roadmap & a link to our ATLAS WhitePaper!

Some of these changes may seem drastic to the average investor, however, everything that is coming has been heavily vetted and researched to ensure maximum efficiency across all updates & implementations.

Additional FAQ:

What is Atlas & What Happened to Petoverse?
Please refer to our V2 Introduction Post to see a detailed breakdown on all the reasons for the recent changes made within the project & team.
Petoverse game development & concept will remain fully intact. The game will continue to remain the center feature & focus within the Atlas project, however our rebrand to Atlas is to emphasize the Teams aim to become long term leading figures in the metaverse/web3 space & to demonstrate that we as a company can produce high quality products & games, with Petoverse being the heart of our company & the first installment of all future metaverse operations.
Are There Any $ATLAS Benefits For Existing Holders?
During the $ATLAS PinkSale, there will be many advantages for existing $PETO token holders/holders who’ve never sold to pursue. As well as an exclusive whale bonus for VIP Members. These details will be fully announced in our telegram & discord chats soon, stay tuned!
When is the Petoverse Game being Released?
The ‘Open to All’ phase of Petoverse Gameplay will be release alongside our fair-launch/public launch, estimated August 23rd–25th. This timing is selected in order to effectively increase overall hype & awareness for the project/product.
When Will Atlas Yield Farm Staking Options Become Available?
As soon as possible! Team is working hard to ensure that the farming platform is fully functional & secure so that users can enhance their earnings through the long term staking systems that works alongside with our Auto compounding features.
Where Can I Read More Information?
Our whitepaper & websites will be released this week in preparation for our fairlaunch. Additionally our team will be partaking in many AMA prior to the launch of $ATLAS.

General Overview:

Introducing ‘The Atlas Project’! Atlas is the official Team rebrand for the petoverse project. Petoverse Game itself remains unchanged. However, The native project token is migrating from $PETO to $ATLAS. Migration will occur alongside the launch of $ATLAS & will remain open allowing users time to migrate. The $ATLAS token has many new added features & some changes as well. Most noticeable is that of the APY reducing to 10,000 & the introduction of Atlas Vault & Atlas Farm. The Atlas Vault is a daily reward system that users manually interact with to increase their holdings on-top of the daily apy from the auto-staking/auto-compounding protocol (Atlas Rebase Engine). The Atlas Yield Farms are currently a work in progress, they will allow for users to stake tokens for set time durations for even more additional fixed APY.

Have More Questions?

Reach out to the ATLAS Team directly 24/7 by joining & contacting our Telegram/Discord Communities: Telegram ← — — — → Discord

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