Auditioning, Auditioning, Auditioning!

For someone who’s been on stage since the third grade, the auditioning process never seems to get any easier. I mean this in the sense that I still get nervous, I still get stressed out about what song(s) I should sing, what monologue is appropriate, whether or not there is going to be a “movement”/dance section and who is going to be my biggest competition if I’m going out for a specific role. Also, the waiting game is horrible — waiting before you auditioning, waiting after you auditioning…hell, waiting WHILE you auditioning…that always seems to aggravate my nerves. Some of the shows and roles that I have stressed over the most would include my first community production audition for Peter Pan for which I landed the role of John Darling, the first ever National community production of The Phantom of the Opera for which I was in the ensemble, Hairspray for which I was in the ensemble, and Shrek the Musical for which I played Pinocchio. Well now, I’m preparing to audition for Beauty and the Beast, which just so happens to be one of my bucket list shows (no matter the role), as well as Tokyo Disney, which is super huge because I’ve always wanted to work for Disney (in whatever capacity) and I’ve made no secret of it. SO, as I get my voice back into shape, hopefully starting eating a little better and adding some exercise to my lifestyle these next two weeks, I hope to come out on top, but most importantly, I hope to have wonderful experiences, meet some amazing people and just enjoy the ride — whatever happens…happens! As I’ve gotten older, I treat every audition as a learning experience and something that I can grow from. I mean, come on, I move to a completely different city and state, learned a new monologue and auditioned for a play two days later — I didn’t get in, but it was still really fun and a great way to put myself out there! Here’s to continuing to audition no matter the circumstance or my feelings, because I will never give up on my passions and dreams. I’ve even decided to start looking into some agencies and really getting myself out there in terms of TV and commercial work, even journalism. Part of me wants to stay grounded in one place, but my gut and my spirit are telling me that LA is where I need to be. Depending on what happens with these upcoming auditions, I’ll know where my future lies for the time being. I’m not an incredibly spiritual person, but I do believe in the universe and timing, so I trust that what happens will be for the best. I’m constantly working on myself emotionally and internally, but now it’s time to work on myself in its complete entirety. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut that you were put into by circumstance, or you put yourself there. But after a while you need to get yourself out, stand up and move forward. You need to be your own hero, your own guide and your own best friend. Because if you can’t live with and love yourself everyday, you can’t expect other people to. You, and you alone, are good enough. Remember that, always.

“There is a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knwonign that you are worth of happiness. You are worthy because you are for and because you are here. You’re being here, you’re being alive, makes worthiness your birth right. You alone, are enough.” — Oprah Winfrey