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Theatre is timeless and ubiquitous. Though many, many theaters exist in cities like New York and Los Angeles, that’s not the only place they are.

For those of us not living in these overpopulated coastal cities, it is tempting to get down on ourselves; saying things like,

“Well, what’s the point. No one would understand or support my talent out here. I’m not going to look for a dinky country theater. This isn’t New York, after all.”

….LIES! all lies.

I live in Winston-Salem; and I am surrounded by some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. …

Musical-Theatre Themed Wedding

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Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s day is going well. I have yet another wedding to tell y’all about. But this one was extra special. My neice got married! Her and her husband are both musical theatre junkies — particularly Les Miserables. So they decided to throw a Les Miz themed wedding!

Now, this is one of my all-time favorite musicals…so, I geeked out pretty hard. Usually, the flowers are my favorite aspect of a wedding. This part was beautifully executed by Associated Wholesale Florist.

Keeping with the Les Mis theme, the flowers were all done in arrangements of red, white, and blue…representing not the American flag, but the French flag. …

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This past weekend, I attended a wedding near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding.

It was an amazing time. We stayed at a lovely inn near the grounds for the ceremony. It was a weekend-long celebration, and I had a blast.

The decor was lovely. The bouquets and arrangements were designed by George K. Walker Florist. I love flowers so much, so if I’m at any kind of special event involving flowers, I’m instantly happy. …


Gail Graves

The Theatre is my happy place.

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