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Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s day is going well. I have yet another wedding to tell y’all about. But this one was extra special. My neice got married! Her and her husband are both musical theatre junkies — particularly Les Miserables. So they decided to throw a Les Miz themed wedding!

Now, this is one of my all-time favorite musicals…so, I geeked out pretty hard. Usually, the flowers are my favorite aspect of a wedding. This part was beautifully executed by Associated Wholesale Florist.

Keeping with the Les Mis theme, the flowers were all done in arrangements of red, white, and blue…representing not the American flag, but the French flag. The wedding occurred around Christmastime in Denver — so, it was cold.

But, thankfully, the wedding was indoors. We got to see a lovely snow covering outside the windows of the mansion where the wedding happened. Red and white poinsettias decorated the ceremony space. Red and white roses combined with blue hydrangea and white lilies also mounted the sides of the rows where the guests sat. The bridal bouquets were red and white ranunculus with blue stock and iris. The precious flower girl threw white and red rose petals, as the piano player played “In my life”.

If you or someone you know is familiar with Les Miserables, you would have been grinning throughout the entire time. The groom’s last name is Hart — so the wedding was referred to as “A Hart Full of Love”. The reception included a “One Day More” flash mob by the wedding party. Because both the bride and the groom are thespians; they both have thespian friends — making for an incredibly entertaining wedding.

As favors, we were all able to take home flowers. Roses are my favorite, so I found all the centerpieces that had mostly roses and took those. A few special arrangements included blue roses — I made sure to find those! Though blue roses do not occur in nature, one can make a blue rose by placing a few drops of blue coloring on a white rose.

It was surely a night to remember!

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