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Theatre is timeless and ubiquitous. Though many, many theaters exist in cities like New York and Los Angeles, that’s not the only place they are.

For those of us not living in these overpopulated coastal cities, it is tempting to get down on ourselves; saying things like,

“Well, what’s the point. No one would understand or support my talent out here. I’m not going to look for a dinky country theater. This isn’t New York, after all.”

….LIES! all lies.

I live in Winston-Salem; and I am surrounded by some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance: They perform original material and timeless classics. It’s a big theatre, with lots of talented people. They showcase both musicals and dramas. This year, they are hosting Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert as the musical, and Becky’s New Car as the play. Dates and times are listed on their website.

2.) The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem: For over 83 years, this theatre has been killin it. Their dynamic shows always entertain. At any one time, they’ll have several plays going on. They also host summer camps and activities for kids. You can become a member if you so choose, you can attend any show you’d like! They also have what many theatres don’t have — a costume shop! They offer rentals of individual costumes, or whole shows!

3.) Aperture Cinema: Aperture is different from the aforementioned theatres in that it shows films instead of live shows. But, it’s worth mentioning. The atmosphere is sophisticated, yet inviting. One can choose from a variety of different indie films, foreign films, and documentaries to see while sipping wine and beer. Two 80-seat theatres. Check it out and get inspired!

4.) Spring Theatre: As their website states, “Spring Theatre exists to empower and challenge our community to experience the energy, emotion, and adventure that springs from extraordinary theatre.” They perform a number of shows, from originals to classics. They also offer summer camp for your kid who just doesn’t fit into the athletic mold. Get him/her into theatre!

Well, there you have it folks! Go check the websites and audition before it’s too late!

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The Theatre is my happy place.

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