Journey to #100DaysOfCode

26 years of just living, and 5 years of college, is what it took me to realize my true passion. I didn’t always want to always be a developer or wanted to code. Graduating college with a liberal studies degree and afterwards, shipping off to the town of Naperville, Illinois is when I tasted my first line of code, or even saw my first line of code.

I worked at a Retreat Center as a host intern that was supposed to be a year long apprenticeship but ended up only being five months because I discovered my true passion for software development. Most of my time then was spent working alongside the Program Director and the Executive Director, setting up activities for groups, preparing for conferences, fundraisers, and learning how to manage the day to day operations of the retreat center itself. Then one day, I seen the Executive Director editing the website we were using and from there on I started doing my own research. The website was built using Wordpress, and he taught himself PHP, so he could edit the themes he integrated into the website.

From that point on, I was hooked. I spent my lunch breaks and spare time programming rather than spending my time learning more about how to be a program coordinator, which was supposed to be my future career the year after. And before the summer ended, I have already made up my mind, and came back to Atlanta, in hopes of becoming a developer. Now two years later, I still love programming, having had much luck constantly pushing code to Github, going to Tech Meetups, and building projects because of me letting life get in the way. So now this challenge is a chance for me to not only be more consistent in coding daily, but also learning and building projects daily. The only way to learn is to build and to build you have the an open mind to learn. So here it is, my toast to 100 days of coding.