Central Texas Personal Injury Journal | Sept 23

We have some food for thought for you this week, and it even has to do with food. Consumers want more food on-the-go, and the market has answered by doubling prepared food since 2014. Why that may not be a good thing, up ahead.

  1. Find out how litigation can prevent food-borne illness, and what food you should avoid. Blue Bell’s Listeria problem didn’t just take ice cream off the shelves. It caused sickness and killed three. Sharing dinner (or a scoop of ice cream) with a friend shouldn’t make you sick.
  2. September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. If there’s one thing we should remember about spinal cord injury victims, it’s that they are often very brave when taking on a completely new (and difficult) lifestyle.
  3. McMinn Law Firm’s round up of Austin’s worst crash deaths of 2016. Guns are still not as dangerous as our roads. Drive safe ya’ll.
  4. Georgetown residents take dog bite injuries very seriously. In 2015, Personal Injury lawyer Jason McMinn brought justice to a victim of serious dog bite injury, in which $10,000 were purely punitive.

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