“Dichotomy” Album Cover Art

From the eerily melodic to the trance-inducing, rhythmic sound loops, Violinda captivates with her hypnotic strings in her latest album “Dichotomy. This 4-track, avant-garde soundscape will transport you to distant realms of fantasy, awe, wonder and revelation.

Atomic Mass Ratio and Song Two make you feel like raising a tankard of ale in your favorite medieval tavern on a pagan holiday. Violinda blends Celtic elements together to create a beautifully crafted melody that soothes the soul. Orchestral Chaos starts off dark and somewhat mysterious, as if the curtains are drawn on stage to reveal Faust making a pact with the grim Mephistopheles. It gradually builds up to a more liberating feeling as the pace quickens and the bow soars on higher notes. Violinda wraps it up with Transitions. Feelings of despair arise as this song is a tribute to a late, dear friend of hers. But the listener is reminded that in the end all is not lost, merely transitioned into something greater.

Violinda’s music can best be described as post-classical, avant-garde experimentalism, and “Dichotomy” is a clear showcase of such description. This talented, young artist is on her way to distinguish herself amid the Austin live band scene; enthralling the crowd and leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

Violinda “Dichotomy” album is now available for download on Bandcamp. In the meantime, you can listen to the complete Violinda “Dichotomy” album in the Bandcamp playlist below.

Contributing Writer: John Salazar

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