Free Week 2015: January 10th — Red 7 (Inside Stage)

Bali Yaaah / Panoramas / Chipper Jones / Residual Kid / My Education

Red 7

Saturday, January 10th

The last night of Austin’s infamous Free Week brought out a multitude of supportive Austinites to brave the piercing and chilly weather. Red 7 bustled with a bold crowd, as snippets of conversation were all geared toward which unseen local act had piqued their interest and which local act they were roused to witness once again. Considering a musical bill of this quality, it was clear to see that each and every attendee had a continuous and stellar night of music ahead of them.

Bali Yaaah was first to take the stage, an already spirited and lively crowd eager for the show to start. Chris Brown’s vocals ranged from a Thom Yorke-esque’s soft and delicate croon, to vigorous and animated yelps and wails into the microphone, all the while with Brown pounded and slid all over his keyboard. Ever experimental with their drum beats and rhythms, Bali Yaaah drew upon a vast sea of style when it comes to their instrumentation. Combining post-punk with synth-pop, the band certainly had a dark drone to their performance, which Brown encapsulated with his possessed-like moves and fluctuations on stage. Their set was a pleasing mix of old and new tracks, with their new material set to come out on their record due later this year.

Bali Yaaah

Drawing influences from bands like Ride and Galaxy 500, Panoramas lived true to their name by mastering panoramic soundscapes. The all-female trio blended together flawlessly with their gazey instrumentals searing through space alongside harmonic and graceful vocals to accompany their resonance. Leslie Sisson’s soothing vocals added a serene ambiance, while Karen Skloss’ steadfast drum beats served as the band’s unfaltering backbone. Rosie Castoe had an air of ease on stage, which compelled the audience’s attention as she delivered solid bass lines. Be sure to see Panoramas next show at Cheer Up Charlies on February 7th for an all-star female line-up.


The crowd drew nearer to the front, just as Chipper Jones was about to take the stage. An instrumental act with pop and experimental twists, the duo thrived to a whole new level as an energetic live act, providing continuous hit music to their eager and enthusiastic audience. With an improvised yet perfected feel to their set, guitarist James Lambrecht and drummer Charlie Martin watched each other intently, feeding off of Lambrecht’s popping guitar plucks and Martin’s dynamic accented drum beats. Their intricate style of unflinching percussion and sophisticated work on the fretboard demonstrated clear expertise and resulted in hollers from the audience. Lambrecht and Martin are two musicians who knew how to do it right and are nothing less than impressive under the spotlight. Don’t miss out seeing them live at Cheer Up Charlies on January 24th for Young Tongue’s Release Party.

Chipper Jones

Residual Kid are on everyone’s music radars, both in Austin and far beyond, as cheers from a very packed Red 7 welcomed the band onstage. From their first note to their very last, Residual Kid made their mark by providing ceaseless energy and powerful vocals, giving the impression that they could maintain their relentless intensity all night long. With all three members in their teens, Residual Kid still succeeded in plucking at nostalgic heartstrings with their alt-rock and grunge vibe, reminiscent of 90’s bands from the likes of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Vocalist Deven Ivy released snarls and screams into his microphone as drummer Ben Redman pounded out ferocious beats. Combined with Max Redman’s fervor and skill on the bass, Residual Kid knew how to pack a punch and deliver to their fans. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness such raw talent coming from Austin’s very own at such a young age. This is one band that is certainly going places, and certainly going places fast.

Residual Kid

Since their inception in 1999, My Education has toured within the U.S. as well as in Europe, leaving an impressive trail of sold out shows under their belt. After witnessing them live, it is clear to see why; My Education is a finely tuned and distinctively crafted band who knows what it takes to enrapture and enthrall their audience. This seven piece post-rock ensemble weaved in delicate soundscapes with textured viola melodies and elegant keys, but just as quickly swept their audience into a sonically intertwined cacophony creating a mass of discord; yet when taken as a single entity, the pieces all fit together seamlessly. Their grand instrumental expansion left a mesmerizing aural vibrancy to the audience’s delight and brought the last night of Free Week to a canorous bliss.

My Education

The dedicated work from The Loyalty Firm and Transmission Events was what made this line-up come to fruition and succeeded in being such a positive aspect of this year’s Free Week. As the night unfolded, the extraordinary combination of true musical talent united with avid supporters of the Austin music scene made for a remarkable end to the evening and leaving but only the faintest trace in every Austinite’s memory of the ill-competing freezing weather outside.

Listen to the latest album from each of the Free Week 2015: January 10th — Red 7 (Inside Stage) performing bands at their Bandcamp playlists below.

Bali Yaaah — Never Early Always Fate
Chipper Jones — Two Rooms EP
Residual Kid — Faces EP
My Education — A Drink For All My Friends

Contributing Writer: Trish Connelly

Contributing Photographer: Ismael Quintanilla (Maye Marley)

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