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Charlie Belle

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Charlie Belle is an alternative pop trio made up of siblings Jendayi Bonds (vocals and guitar) and Gyasi Bonds (drums and vocals), and Zoe Czarnecki (bass guitar). Recently named by NPR as one of the ten “Musicians You’ll Tell Your Friends About in 2015”, this band of teenagers is on a fast track to success!

The EP opens up with the title track “Get to Know”. It is upbeat and lighthearted, with cute yet powerful lyrics and a drop off for a slow bass solo. It definitely gives the nostalgic feeling of being in a late 90s teen movie like “10 things I hate about you” or “Never Been Kissed”. The second track, “Shake You Off” has a sassier feel. Combining clever lyrics and saucy vocal harmonies, it is possibly the strongest, most melodic song on the album. Anyone who has been through a breakup and plowed through a box of chocolate truffles can relate to the third track, titled “Metaphorically Speaking”. The fourth song, “Key to My Heart”, has very catchy lyrics and is easily an anthem for any teenage girl who is trying to move on from heartbreak. The closing track “Under the Rug” is a great message that is delivered through smooth and soulful vocal harmonies, plus a little cowbell, too, and you can never have too much cowbell.

Overall, this a great set of songs and a strong foundation for this band of teens as they develop into well-rounded artists and musicians. If you ever have the chance to catch them around town, take it!

January 14th, 2015 was a memorable night for local Austin band, Charlie Belle, as family, friends, and fans gathered at Holy Mountain for the national release of their new EP “Get to Know”. Along with Charlie Belle, sharing the stage that night were bands Manco and White Label Analog.

Charlie Belle

Charlie Belle “Get to Know” EP is now available for download on iTunes and Bandcamp. In the meantime, you can listen to the complete Charlie Belle “Get to Know” EP album in the Bandcamp playlist below.

Charlie Belle — Get to Know

Contributing Writer: Holly Harper

Contributing Photographer: Ismael Quintanilla (Maye Marley)

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