Here is what is new!

Audit Trails

We now keep a track of all changes made in the account, you can easily go back and figure out any modifications made

All Teams, All Lists

Now select all teams and all lists across the board. Allows you to now easily look at organisation wide reports

Modify Member permission

Only Team Managers/Sub managers with Modify user permission enabled can modify members


Minor bug updates, like the pie chart showing only restricted data

Performance Upgrade

Updated servers for improved performance

GoDial Auto Dialer and CRM on your phone

Marketing vector created by stories —

The latest of GoDial is here!

1. Now call With Viber, Line, satellite and 2ndline.
2. Contacts move between the lists.
3. Brand new color palette for call dispositions & stages.
4. Editing of new status.
5. Phonebook Import Bug
6. Privacy & Terms Update
7. Other bugs

A Letter to my team. Being prepared for the worst to come. A technical foresight. The new way of life.

2020. Welcome to some new realities.

Had man ever imagined something such feeble, minute..insignificant can simply pause humanity.

With the Lockdown, millions are stuck at home. Immobilised.
Economies crumbling down. There is no help in sight. There is nothing else to be done, than to simply wait.

What is the cure? A complete human standstill for 14 days. Breaking the chain.
Practically impossible. One wrong move, and it jumps back.

Have you ever felt, so helpless. So out of control. So powerless.

As a tech entrepreneur, my day involves finding solutions to everyday problems using technology. I specialise in mobile…

A simple way to add Framework7 v2 to MeteorJs

F7 + Meteor Demo

While Meteor is like magic for building apps, finding a good UI that will work well on web and mobile, can be a bit of a pain. This is where F7 comes in. A simple framework built on top of vanilla HTML,CSS and JS. Though there isn’t a simple way to add f7 to meteor via packages (there is, but they are unsupported and old), it is incredibly easy.
Let’s roll up our sleeves and start.


Assuming you already have a meteor folder ready. If not.

meteor create appname

We need…

Like every other story, this story is about a Boy who lived. But unlike every other Boy, he never smiled. Nor did he frown. He had one single expression. An expression of calm. His dark brown eyes were deep. One could travel to different worlds in them. His voice was heavy. Features sharp.

He was perceived to be arrogant by many. Loved by only those who took the time. As he grew up, his story spread. People came, some cracked jokes, some poked, while some just kept looking.

The place where most of this took place was known as The…

You thought productivity was about multi-tasking. Think again.

Some weeks ago, going through random content, I stumbled upon a post. Multi-tasking was something I took pride in, and was really good at. And this claimed it was non productive all together.

At some point later that day, a moment hit me, where I had almost nothing to think of. Not for long though, this post popped up. Single-tasking or Mono-tasking, boy how can this be productive. I have never been able to take advice without proper validation. So, I put in some thought.

Okay. So when was the last time I was most productive? Last week I had…

I read how to win friends and influence people, and here are my 7 key takeaways

I have been hearing this a lot, one should read about 60 books a year, And the last time I had read was, a really really long time back. So I picked up a copy of this famous book and began. Cut to chase. Here are 7 things I learnt.

What I learnt from How to win friends and influence people. Graphic asset courtesy:

#1 Smile

When you meet new people, they instantly like you if you have a smiling face. Actually, I had written a whole article on the Power of Smile. Great to see I was spot on.

#2 Never Criticise. Never Argue

I personally have found myself being extremely sarcastic and…

It was a cloudy day, slightly chilly and there was a hint of a drizzle. I was out for my morning run. Unlike every other day I took an early exit from my route and entered a children’s’ playground. As I ran down the tracks surrounding the grounds, I heard a sound. It was the sound of two kids playing ball. It was low in pitch. But something in it stayed with me, echoing inside. It wasn’t like I never heard kids laugh before; it was just that today I noticed. It brought a gentle smile to my face and…

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