7 Recommended Books on Artificial Intelligence for Executives

Many people ask me about which books would be good to read on the subject of Artificial Intelligence. So I thought I’d share few of my favorite books that would be good for business executives without any background in technology or AI. That is why most of these books are non-technical.

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AI Books for Business Executives

Here’s the book list — not in any particular order though.

  1. The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies — Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

A few things to note. First book covers a wide range of technologies and sets up the context. The most technical of the above list is Data Science for Business by Foster Provost. A very good reference for those who like to dig deeper into the technology. It also provides plenty of useful information and thoughtful ideas for non-technical folks.

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Where could AI lead us?

Last three books are about what future may hold — including scary scenarios. Superintelligence is by a professor of philosophy and provides a comprehensive discussion of the topic. It has plenty of theory but Bostrom manages to express his ideas in simple terms. Life 3.0 is by a MIT professor and is quite an interesting read.

I’d recommend browsing the topic of content for each book, looking at sample text and see if it aligns with your interests.

Lastly, Microsoft has released an e-book on AI called “The Future Computed” which is available for a free download— it is a good read on AI and society. Perhaps you should read this book first!

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