Has anyone seen my dog?
Matt Reed

Amazing. I set this up over Thanksgiving weekend on my dog.
We are tracking his location so we can automate the garage door and not have him escape into the street.

At first we were using a ‘Tile’ iBeacon, but have swapped to an Estimote since you can have a lot more control of it via their app. We have maxed out the power and set the advertisement rate to around 250mSec.
We are using a Python script to pull the UDID and RSSI from the three Pi’s.
From there they stream to a central home automation controller via UDP.
The HA controller is were I plan to do the trilateration.
For now, we are just doing a 10 stage average to smooth the signal from each Pi.

At the moment, we are not very happy with the accuracy, I am interested in your ‘easing equation’ to smooth the signal jumps.

Look forward to following your project. Thanks for writing it up.

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