Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong Time

We meet so many different people throughout our lives. Some for only a moment and some forever.

Often times it’s impossible to tell if they are the right person or the wrong person when we first cross paths. Things can start out great and you’re the best of friends from day one and then they come crashing down in the blink of an eye. Others start out rocky and slowly grow unshakeable over the years.

I don’t think there’s a rubric for building the perfect relationship.

Everyone is different.

We may be at different stages of life, have different political views, be of different cultures, different upbringings, have different ways of dealing with problems, physical differences, or differing belief systems.

There’s so many things that can differentiate us and cause our relationships to fail. But there is one thing that can cause our relationships to flourish and be unbreakable, despite those differences.

Effective Communication.

When we communicate effectively with someone we are able to share our thoughts/beliefs/circumstances, while understanding theirs as well.

Understanding where someone else is coming from is just as important, if not more important, than sharing your side.

The relationships that flourish are almost always due to effective communication. Everything’s out on the table. There’s no hiding feelings or trying to be someone you’re not. It may be from day one or it might take months to build up to, but the effective communication is always there.

It’s when we start just communicating, sharing our side, without understanding the other, that the relationship starts to crack.

This relationship could be with anyone, your sibling to your significant other.

Is it really the “wrong” time?

I honestly don’t believe you can meet the “right” person at the “wrong” time.

I think it’s just our lack of effective communication and understanding that makes it feel like the wrong time.

The only sure-fire way to avoid “meeting the right person at the wrong time” is to fully want to understand the other person and effectively communicate what you are feeling.

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