a wedding to call our own

The problems facing our planet are too complex to be solved by anything resembling our common and current ways of thinking and acting. Our time in this particular game is running out, and returning to the old ways will not repair the damage we’ve done to our ecosystems — most are too far gone for primitivism to mend on a global scale. Likewise, looking to science and technology cannot restore the balance and understanding of relationships and mysteries that we have lost yet must be regained if we are to have any hope of a future for ourselves or those with whom we share this incarnation. The inflexible mindsets and design methodology that brought us here are incapable of solving the problems they’ve created — be they from our ancient ancestors or our post-modern-geniuses.

The entomologist must learn to befriend the etymologist. The physicist must become bedmates with the fundamentalist. The liberal historian must wed the conservative military strategist. The anarcho-primitivist must fall madly in love with the geneticist. The offspring of these insane pairings may yet birth the hint of a spark that will result in an idea large enough, intimate enough, deep enough, and radical enough to save us. Born and rasied, we may yet live to see something approaching human intelligence.

This design must be even more radical, loving, ruthless and brilliant than the ant colony, the beehive, the chrysalis — living designs which greatly surpass even the most brilliant of human creations. Our capacity for such creation is unquestionable. We need a wedding to call our own — one that murders all attachment to common-thought paradigms and prejudices, all self-righteousness and selfishness, and bathes all in the realm with its blood and leaving a trail of blinding light in its wake .

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