The Barnes Edit story

Barnes has a strong community spirit as I found out when I moved here in 2007. It came as a shock coming from central London to find all my neighbours popping their heads out to greet me on the first day.

Part of this community strength is driven by the buzz on the high street. It’s a place that prides itself on it’s independent feel and many shops are privately owned and produce a wide variety of goods and services however many come and go in no time at all due to the impact of various economical and commercial changes.

I am sure there are more Barnes inhabitants who, like me, wonder how some of these shops thrive and are not always motivated to shop locally. Reasons (or excuses) might be that product is too high end, there is a more compelling offer online, that some shops close at inconvenient times, that it’s easy to overlook and aim for big names on major high streets or that we simply do not know what is on offer so close to us. With an extensive career in retail, I cannot simply walk away from this issue.

In my new venture as a Social Media Manager this is my chance to help the community. Nothing can replace the local, human, real world shopping experience. Let’s merge the strengths of local and digital commerce by endorsing as many local businesses in Barnes and Mortlake on social media. Let’s fill those empty spaces with new brands and encourage start up/pop up enterprises!

I want to hear from both sides of the shop counter so please come and share, like, follow, upload, comment @thebarnesedit on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Get connected! #shoplocal #savethehighstreet #BoostBarnes

  1. Support the small businesses, invest in your future
  2. Don’t pass them by, discover what’s on your doorstep
  3. Get to know your local shop mongers, find out their names and stories
  4. Identify your favourite place and then tell someone else about it
  5. Most importantly love where you live