The Barnes Edit talks to The Lost Corner

The Lost Corner opened in a prime location on Church Road, a new venture for the owners Charlie and Louisa, selling a beautiful combination of home wares and gifts. They also offer a full Interior Design service including sourcing: fabrics, lighting and shades, furniture, mirrors, rugs, curtains and blinds. The Barnes Edit went along to find out a little more from behind the scenes.

Firstly what led you to set up your own business?
I was brought up in a very creatively designed home and have always had a love for Interior Design and all things creative. Having had three children who are now teenagers, with our eldest two heading off to University soon, I felt it was time to finally channel my creativity into building a business that reflected my love of home life, family and creativity.
A year ago, my husband decided to leave a financial career in the City after twenty years, and the timing was perfect for us both to combine our respective skill sets and create our interior design business — ‘The Lost Corner’. Charlie and I work very well as a team and establishing our own business has meant we can enjoy working together after years spent concentrating on building the family. It is exciting and challenging to build our own business.
Why did you decide on Barnes?
Charlie and I have always loved Barnes. It feels like a country village even though we are almost in the centre of London, and I like the large proportion of independent shops as well as the relaxed feel.
Who is your target customer and what is your concept?
Our central philosophy, is to inspire our clients by providing them with creative and pragmatic interior design advice, as well as handpicked, individual and beautiful items for their homes and themselves. We have focused on developing relationships with suppliers and artisans throughout Europe and further afield, to ensure what we do remains fresh and inspiring as possible. As a result, the definition of our target customer is broad in nature and of all ages.
What have been the biggest challenges so far?
We source our products from throughout UK, Europe and Asia. Managing inventory, delivery time and the recent swings in currencies has been our biggest challenges so far. On the setting up side, we have found working with some of the large incumbent service providers hard work and time consuming!
What are your future plans for the shop?
We would like to continue to grow the business, and will increase our focus on sourcing interesting and beautiful pieces and objects, developing further the Interior Design part and opening a small ‘on line’ presence for a selection of our products. We are also pleased that Caroline and Ming have joined us which will free up time for us to develop The Lost Corner further. My background is in interior design and I would like to offer my clients a practical service to help them create their own lovely home.