Changing Roles — Writing to Woodworking

I always wanted to become a doctor. However, fate had other plans for me, and I ended up being a blogger. My world is full of information of a wide variety of subjects, subjects you can’t even imagine, and it often occurred to me that I could easily change my goal. With so much knowledge, all I needed was a starting point.

Umm… Now that’s what most of us need. I was always unconvinced about my writing projects and thought I could do more than just writing. I wanted to delve into something that would vent my creativity.

While working on a project on writing for power tools way back in 2012, I came to know about the wonderful world of power tools. I think that these power tools were waiting for me to find out about them. I started reading about them and would often spend days absorbing everything about them. The project was delivered with perfection and my client promised me to come back with more work soon.

How did I begin to think of woodworking?

I won’t say that I am a minimalist, but I don’t have a lot of furniture in my home, and whatever I have is not too fashionable. It all started when one day I ordered a shipment that was packed in a wooden box. The wooden pallets that were left after opening the box sat there, inviting me to explore their possibilities.

I left the pallets in my garage, and went on to set up the product I had ordered.

I returned to the garage later that day to check out the pine pallets. They were pretty neat, and dry, too. I had to take the nails out of them, so used a basic claw hammer to take the nails out.

(When I look back now, I continue to be surprised by my motivation considering that there are some decent power tools out there on the market for this purpose.)

I took those pallets and created my first pallet shelf. It was not a very sophisticated project but was something that I was satisfied with. It’s been four years since I made it and my pallet shelf is still rocking. I even painted it black and it looks so shiny and new. Many people have advised me to sand it. I haven’t! I like its rustic look. It’s going to be there with me for a long time.

My rendezvous with wood has been so satisfying that now I can proudly say that I have several more pieces of furniture made by me scattered around my tiny home. I want to learn more, so I have downloaded more woodworking plans and learnt a bit about basic woodworking. I have also bought a few power tools to help me out in my endeavors.

While this is a really rewarding hobby, I still continue to write. I have started blogging on woodworking!

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