Coulter: God helped Trump with his plans

Ann Coulter praised President Donald Trump for his speedy trip to Texas Tuesday.

“I’ve been praying for a natural disaster ever since he was elected,” Coulter explained. “I wanted him to be able to show how glorious of a man he really is, so I prayed to God to help President Trump with his many, many plans.”

Coulter went on to reference that Hurricane Harvey, which has been raging destruction all over southeast Texas, has been sweeping poor, illegal immigrants off the Texas landscape, which is what Trump sought to do with his border wall.

“God was helping him,” Coulter explained. “He’s telling President Trump ‘I agree with you, you’re brilliant, you’re right.”

Coulter’s praise for Trump did not come without criticism for former President Barak Obama, however.

“Where was Obama during 9/11?” Coulter quipped. “Or how about Hurricane Katrina? I know where he was… He was probably making deals with the devil to make those things happen.”

Coulter added that Trump’s “gloriously massive” crowds at the rally he held while surveying the damage were further proof that God was indeed on Trump’s side.

Update: Following Coulter’s comments for this article, she stripped naked and sprinted down Interstate 95 screaming “Donny, my lord and savior, save me!” Local authorities were able to eventually subdue her, allowing traffic to flow steadily. Coulter was checked into ‘Hope’, a local insane asylum.