10 Days of Pendant — Day 5 — Genesis Avalon

Or, why Jaina and Julian really do mix better than Oil and Water

It’s day five of the 10 Days of Pendant! Time to examine Genesis Avalon…

(Spoilers Follow)

Genesis Avalon is an unlikely show for me to have liked. It involves supernatural elements (something I’ve never been a fan of), high concept portrayals of various ancient religions, a protagonist who was tough to like in the first season, and was even accused of being a Sailor Moon ripoff (something it certainly is not, but rumors are fun like that).

But it all somehow managed to click anyways.

Maybe it was the political and journalistic elements that helped ground the show? Maybe it was the surprising backstory?

Who knows, but I did manage to enjoy Genesis Avalon.

Jaina, the aforementioned protagonist, eventually experienced a total 180°. She went from being the most immature character on the show, to the most mature character in less than 50 episodes. That’s pretty incredible character development, right there.

Sam was also an interesting character. A guy who had lost everything again and again, only to finally find some stability towards the end of the series.

Noir: someone who had pent up a lot of anger and frustration, yet found solace through his friends.

Then there’s Julian…

I know, I know… there’s a LOT of Julian haters out there (Pete Milan being chief among them), and that’s fine. But Julian was still everything the show needed.

Until late in the series, he was the true antithesis of Jaina. He hated her guts. He hated everything about her. And the two were polar opposites.

But you know what they say about opposites… And for the longest time (up until Jaina and Sam got together), I was a Juliaina shipper. It felt like the show was building towards bringing its two biggest rivals together in epic fashion, but alas, it never happened.

And honestly, I’m ok with that. Jaina and Sam were a clear match, and an honest to goodness battle couple to boot.

Stepping away from the characters, I’ve got to admit that the writing and directing deserve some praise. ESPECIALLY the directing. Even in episodes where the writing was on the weak end of the spectrum, Kat elevated it via some fantastic directing skills. I really hope she comes back to direct another Pendant show someday.

The absence of Genesis Avalon in Pendant’s lineup of late has made Pendant as a whole feel just a little different. More “Shakespearean,” even. But that’s alright. With a book adaptation on the way, maybe Genesis Avalon could be Pendant’s avenue into publishing… ☺ #AvalonThoughts

Stay tuned for day 6 of the 10 Days of Pendant!
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