Focused, streamlined, and ready for action.

As I took the leap into to social media a few years ago, I made the conscious decision to avoid using images of my face in profile pictures. Instead, I chose to create a logo that meshed with everything I was working to accomplish online. Something people could remember the Landon Beall brand by.

For a 2013 design job, I thought it wasn’t half bad. This logo got a lot of use in two years time, and even went on to become the logo for my internet design business, Landon Beall Design.

As time went on however, a few issues arose with this design. For one, it was made when I was a complete novice at graphic design. The icons in the three corners are freely available online and lacking uniqueness, while the font is a generic Arabic font that I’ve been partial to for many years, but doesn’t have the POP factor needed for an internet logo. Additionally, as my work in the realm of audio drama and musical composition has increased, my work in the realm of web design substantially decreased, making the original iconography a moot point.

With that in mind, I’ve decided it’s time to rebrand and streamline my online presence with a new logo.


Borrowing from modern design concepts, the new logo is simple, sleek, bold, and laser focused. A single “slice” pierces through the lettering like a beam, evoking a sense of precision and unity. Without marrying itself to a single line of work, the logo has the freedom of adaptability, whether it be for music composition, audio drama, or something else entirely. It was also designed from the get-go with the ability to adapt to seasons, holidays, or social campaigns. Here are a just few possibilities…

Along with the new base logo, Landon Beall Design is getting a variant logo.

And finally, I’ve produced a monochrome variant for special projects and printing.

The new logo begins its roll out today across multiple musical fronts (Soundcloud and Bandcamp), social media (Twitter), and business hubs ( and LinkedIn). Any and all thoughts/feedback/critique is most appreciated.

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