Stuff I Like That’s Good
— Day 16 —
Baba Yetu

Or, a homage to my favorite song.

Today marks the beginning of the second half Stuff I Like That’s Good. Which ironically was also the first day I couldn’t think of a good topic to talk about. Fortunately, something came to mind last minute.


Not counting a couple worship songs, Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu” is my favorite song of all time. And it’s pretty easy to see why by its catchiness alone.

The lyrics are a Swahili language translation of The Lord’s Prayer, but the musical arrangement is what really sells the song. Listening to it gives off a vibe of triumph. It’s so good, I get goosebumps EVERYTIME I hear the final verse.

And did I mention this was the first video game song to win a Grammy Award?

It’s catchy. It’s Grammy Award winning. It’s wholesome. It’s triumphant. It’s goosbump enducing. What’s not to love?

“Baba Yetu.” It’s a song I like, and it is good. Check it out sometime.

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