How to Mix Two Electric Guitars

Alright, It’s pet peeve time. I hate walking into a venue or a church, set up, start sound check and the sound guy has no idea how to mix the guitars. Either one guitar is over the top or you can’t here either one and the piano is so loud your ears bleed. Soundguy (or girl) do yourself a favor and take the time to learn how to mix your guitar players right. Trust me. You mix them right and you won’t have to worry about stage volume. You mix them right and you won’t get those awkward looks from the audience.

Here is a quick article from Chris Huff on mixing two guitars:

Behind The Mix with Chris Huff

Guitars can energize a mix or absolutely destroy it. I’ve watched rookies look dumb-struck at the mixing console because they didn’t know how to handle mixing two guitars. Mixing two guitars is a simple process in which you do the same thing to each guitar channel EXCEPT with one added step.

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