Its all your fault

Personal freedom — understanding the power that comes with accepting full responsibility for our lives through personal responsibility.If you guessed this blog post was not about pointing fingers, well, you guessed wrong — and right. Yes we are pointing fingers, only that we are pointing them where it really counts, toward the person in the mirror — YOU! We do this because we recognize that personal accountability and responsibility are the missing link between personal freedom and bondage.

Personal responsibility is the idea that human beings choose, instigate or otherwise cause their own actions. This is the basis for most moral and legal arguments against which we are held liable.

If you noticed, this particular idea works for human beings and not reptiles, and fish, because unlike other animals, we have control over our lives, circumstances and environment. We can begin to take responsibility of the current state of our lives through paying careful attention to the following themes in our lives;

Feelings and emotions

If you are most people, a rainy day is enough to upset your whole mood or even get you frustrated.

If you are almost every other person with a good pulse, failure has a negative effect on your happiness, but failure doesn’t make you a failure and does nothing to directly affect your emotional state.

These feelings can then be looked at as self inflicted feelings, because their basis is not legitimate, they simply have no foundation or purpose. Monitoring your feelings and understanding what is behind them is important for your freedom and the quality of your life because 95% of the wrong decisions are made as a result of emotional stress. If you do not become proactive and responsible in creating healthy emotions for yourself, they will be responsible for creating an unhealthy you.

Actions and behaviors

Actions are expressions. They are our primary responsibility, our primary way of making good. Of being, of becoming. Our actions today inform our futures tomorrow. If you are getting the wrong results you are probably doing the wrong thing, pure and simple. To begin to become responsible for our lives, we must begin to become accountable for our actions and behaviors and not act in ways that are detrimental to ourselves and not to others.

Mahatma Ghandi wrote “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Being that change means taking positive steps towards you desired future today.


“In business perception is everything’’

I remember sitting in a conference room when a well dressed potbellied gentleman said those 5 words, and I thought to myself, this guy really misses the point, all of life is perception. Everything you learned or know about the external world does not belong to you, it does not even have a conclusion, its implication is, strictly speaking, a matter of perception. And like it or not, there are 2 ways of thinking about perception, you can either take charge of the process or let your mind do the dirty work for you.

Solutions usually come in the guise of problems. Blessings often come disguised as curses. What does it mean that you were born shy? Does it not mean that you have to compensate by giving conscious effort into the way you communicate, to make you an even better communicator?

What did it mean that you failed to find a solution, is that not an opportunity to try harder? Does it not build character? Everything in the world is relative, there are no absolutes, nothing is set in stone, and the world is neither positive or negative, it is you who makes it so.

Live long. Live free.

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