We’re happy to announce beta testing for our first incentive/referral program. This post outlines the program details and how you can claim your $200 in $BEE signing bonus.

Become a Beenest Host, Get $200 in $BEE 🐝

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Over the past month, our team has been heads-down restructuring and optimizing the beenest.com host onboarding experience.

Now, it’s time to test the results!

For a limited time only, ALL new hosts that create a listing on beenest.com, will be awarded a $200 in $BEE signing bonus!

That’s it!List your property and get paid.

We only ask that you agree to accept BEE or ETH as payment and that your listing stays active for 90 days. (The beta program is currently limited to US citizens, however our official program launch will be accessible worldwide.) …


The Bee Token

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