Bee Token Security Announcement #2

The Bee Token has received reports of fake emails, Telegram accounts, etc. claiming to represent the Bee Token ICO Token Generation Event. Please note that we will NEVER EVER communicate an Ethereum address through an email or Direct Message to you via Telegram.


The Funding Address can only be found at The Funding Address will not be communicated via any other means. Any other address should be considered fraudulent.

The address is accompanied by a video of our CEO, Jonathan Chou, confirming the address and holding up the same hand-written and typed ETH address. If there is only ONE ETH address in the video instead of two, that is also a scam.

Only send your contribution if you received an email approving your token sale registration. For more information, refer to this Medium article:


We will NOT be using any QR codes in our communications. We will also NOT be giving 100% bonuses and we will NOT accept more than 0.3 ETH for the first 24 hours of our Token Generation Event. In addition, we will NOT be partnering with Microsoft.

Please stay safe and report any suspicious activity. If you encounter a scam email impersonating Bee Token, please report the incident at the following link here.


Bee Token Team

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Vacation Rentals on Blockchain — Join the conversation on Telegram: