Can Kisagun x Bee Token Advisory Announcement

Can Kisagun, co-founder of Enigma.

San Francisco
January 6th, 2018

The Bee Token is honored that Can Kisagun, Co-Founder of Enigma is officially joining as an advisor to the Bee Token. Enigma is enabling a truly decentralized future by solving privacy and scalability for blockchains. Blockchain is a powerful technology, but today it is impractical and mostly unusable at scale — current computing capacity on blockchain is slow and expensive and data is visible to everyone. As a result most data is still stored off-chain in centralized databases, defeating the purpose of decentralization.

Enigma originated based on a groundbreaking MIT thesis and solves blockchain’s scalability and privacy issues from the protocol level by building a second-layer, off-chain network that uses “secret contracts”, allowing data to be processed by nodes in the network while being kept private. Through this innovative architecture, Enigma has created a truly decentralized solution on which innovative applications can be built.

Prior to Enigma, Can was co-founder and CEO of Eximchain, which builds international trade credit scores for small- to medium-sized importers and exporters. Prior to that, he was at McKinsey where he advised clients with a focus on the media, banking sector studies and buy-side due diligence. Can earned his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and undergraduate degree from Northwestern.

Can’s understanding of the crypto-assets landscape will greatly benefit The Bee Token since broader market shifts will drive the demand and appetite of crypto users for services on the Beenest platform.

“ I am very excited to advise Bee Token team on this journey. I believe development of much needed applications on Ethereum is an important step towards mass adoption of the technology. At Enigma we are very focused on privacy. Dealing with customer data, Bee Token has to think about on-chain / off-chain data storage and computations. These are important design decisions and topics that I am very curious on an intellectual level. Finding the right solutions to these limitations will be important for other emerging projects in the ecosystem” — Can Kisagun, Co-Founder of Enigma.