GlobaliD x Bee Token Partnership Announcement

San Francisco

January 1, 2018

We are happy to bring inthe New Year by announcing another important partnership with blockchain startup GlobaliD. GlobaliD’s architecture serves as a core layer for secured and reliable identity verification, which is important for home sharing services or any decentralized sharing economy application to be built using BEE Protocols. With decentralized identity verification, guests and hosts will be able to securely and privately manage who has access permission to their private data. A unique digital identity for guests and hosts is an integral part of building their user reputation on the Beenest platform, as well as a reliable way to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

GlobaliD’s strength likes in understanding the importance of users being in control of their personal information while managing compliance risk. That is why their partnership will help The Bee Token transform home sharing into a successful decentralized market that also empowers users with greater management over their data. GlobaliD is comprised of a talented team of experts and is led by CEO Greg Kidd who was formerly Chief Risk Officer at Ripple Labs.

“We are happy to partner with GlobaliD which has a track record of execution with a released iPhone and Android application. We seek to make the user experience for existing users of GlobaliD onboarding onto Beenest very seamless, and are excited to provide GlobaliD users increased value and further use cases for the application” -Min H. Kim, Head of Business Development at The Bee Token.