Origin x Bee Token Partnership Announcement

Our mission at The Bee Token is to decentralize the short-term housing market and put control back into the hands of users and hosts. Today we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Origin Protocol to further our very ambitious goal of creating a 0% commissions, blockchain-powered marketplace.

Origin Protocol enables buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services (like short-term rentals) to create and transact in a completely distributed way using Ethereum and IPFS. We are excited to be building on the Origin platform and collaborating with the Origin product and engineering teams.

We’re especially looking forward to working together on many of the complex technology and product challenges in architecting our peer-to-peer housing rental service. Together, we will embark on the shared vision of creating a more price-efficient, safe, and censorship-resistant home-sharing platform.

“Bee Token is one of the most audacious projects in blockchain-enabled sharing economy we’ve seen. We’re thrilled to be working with them to make decentralized short-term rentals a reality.” — Josh Fraser, Cofounder, Origin Protocol.

“My team is very close-knit and we come from companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber and Civic. We really seek to only partner with top-tier projects, and Origin Protocol is exactly that. Our values align in our pursuit of excellence and high standards for execution.”

-Jon Chou, CEO The Bee Token

Huge things lie ahead, and we are excited to share the work of our partnership in the coming months!








Email: team@thebeetoken.com






Email: info@originprotocol.com