Rentivo x Bee Token Partnership Announcement

The Bee Token
Dec 21, 2017 · 2 min read
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With The Bee Token preparing for hypergrowth, we are announcing our partnership with Rentivo, a vacation rental marketing and management software company that will provide The Bee Token much needed visibility within the travel/tourism industry and will provide inventory while also incorporating the BEE token into their platform.

Rentivo’s partnership with The Bee Token will create broad exposure to various inventory channels and showcase the Beenest platform and protocols to fundamentally change the game for rentals. With access to deep industry data from Rentivo, The Bee Token will be able ramp up onboarding, especially in high growth markets like Asia and Europe after penetrating the U.S. market.

Jonathan Chou, CEO of The Bee Token said: “This partnership is the first step toward The Bee Token securing short-term rental inventory to provide our initial users many different options in terms of places to stay. It is a pleasure to work with Richard Vaughton, CEO of Rentivo because of his keen sense of where technology and innovation is headed and his interest in the disruptive forces of blockchain technology for the tourism and travel industries.”

This partnership will also allow Bee Token to educate the vacation rental industry about the benefits of using a decentralized home sharing platform and how using blockchain technology can empower hosts and guests. This partnership is one in many as The Bee Token begins to advise and connect with large industry and channel partners in the hospitality industry. As a vacation rental technology provider and marketplace builder, Rentivo’s goals are aligned with The Bee Token’s, and we believe this collaboration will push The Bee Token forward toward more mainstream adoption.

“Blockchain technology is more than just digital payments. It’s a paradigm shift in how new systems are built, funded and governed. In our case, decentralisation places power in the hands of its hosts & guests rather than profit-centric online travel agents. We see The Bee Token as a way for our frustrated property managers & homeowners to increase feeless direct bookings and take back control over their business — not to mention cheaper holidays for guests.” — Richard Vaughton



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