Security Update on the Phishing Incident

Dear community,

We are writing to follow up on our prior communications regarding the phishing scam that occurred during our Token Sale. As you know, it recently came to our attention that members of the Bee Token community have received a fraudulent message purporting to come from Bee Token and giving instructions for depositing your tokens. As we previously informed you, that message was not sent from or authorized by Bee Token. We write today to let you know of some additional details we’ve learned about the incident.

Our review to date shows that Bee Token was not compromised. Instead, it appears that there was unauthorized access to one of Bee Token’s third party vendors (which we have since terminated usage). The data that was potentially accessed includes email addresses, first names, and last names only, and this impacted < 1% of our email list. Please note that as previously communicated, we have no evidence that Bee Token itself was compromised by this event. We have not identified any malicious activity in our database, and also confirmed with Onfido that your KYC data was not affected by this event.

If you have been scammed by the copycat email, we encourage you to report the incident to Bee Token by reporting it at We are committed to our users and plan to take appropriate actions to assist those who were impacted by this event.

At this time, we do not anticipate providing further updates on this matter, except to those small number of users who have been affected by this incident. Thank you for your continued support.

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