Our Four Main Criteria

Got Property? Let’s Talk

Our search map: any Portland property (must appear on portlandmaps.com) within this radius.

MOST PEOPLE CONTACTING US probably are doing so through our recent news coverage and not through any of our social media sites, but we thought having some of this laid out would be helpful.

As usual, we are not seeking land outside of Portland. We’re barely even considering property east of SE 92nd. There may come a time when the latter position needs to be reconsidered, but the former would require our volunteers to relocate as well, and would end the herd’s nature as a contrast to Portland’s built, urban environment.

Also, we can’t consider any expressed interest in taking on some subset of our herd (although we appreciate that you would). We are not re-homing in the usual sense of that word, but relocating an entire project.

Ours, to be sure, is an unusual use case.

It’s tough to convey all the details when we get news coverage. Consider this is sort of very basic quick-guide to help you understand what we are — and what we aren’t; we can’t come clear out your twenty acres of blackberries.

The bullet points.

  • We require no less than 1/2 acre, in order to accommodate not just housing fourteen goats but also, for example, a hypothetical busy Saturday afternoon of eight families wandering around just as an unanticipated walking tour of thirty people shows up. On anything less than 1/2 acre, this project becomes not just not a respite for anyone, but a stressful experience for everyone.
  • We require being as accessible as possible to all forms of transportation. Not only are many of our volunteers dependent upon walking, bicycling, and public transit, but during the summer months we often receive group visits — such as outings by residents from a local senior living facility. If a group can’t get their van up to our gate, a property won’t work.
  • We require being within a radius equal to a line drawn from downtown Portland to Lents Town Center, on property that is within Portland, with a strong preference for being as centrally-located as possible. (In other words: sorry, Milwaukie!) While it’s obvious that we’ll never recapture the glory days of having two acres a mere eleven blocks from the river, that’s always going to be the Platonic ideal against which we weigh property’s pros and cons.
  • We require at least two years. It’s logistically and financially impossible for us to relocate more than every two years. Our typical annual project budget in a non-relocation year is approximately $12,000. Moving requires thousands more, and while our donor base successfully has met our relocation costs in the past, that’s in part because we aren’t moving every single year.

We have a longer list of both needs and wants, but if you’ve got an idea for a location that doesn’t meet these first four criteria, it’s likely not something we’d consider unless we absolutely have to.

During every transition, we receive an outpouring of suggestions and invitations, and we appreciate that people are paying attention when the call goes out. Without the public’s support, this project would have ended years ago. If you’re contacting us with property that doesn’t work for the public, urban nature of the project, however, we’re going to have to say no — but we love that you’re open to the idea of goats, wherever you live.

For those of you with property responsive to the above four requirements — acreage, accessibility, centrality, and stability — imagine the sight below in your neighborhood, and let’s talk.

Source: KGW.