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Portland OR (January 4, 2017) — With the first phase of Lents Town Center redevelopment only just recently having gotten underway, the board of The Belmont Goats is announcing that an extension to their current use permit has been granted by the Portland Development Commission.

“We came to Lents Town Center in 2014 as part of an initiative to bring interesting, interim projects to the area as a lead-in to redevelopment,” explained b!X Frankonis, the board’s Secretary. “There’s a nice bit of symmetry to being able to stick around for the changes our arrival here heralded.”

Originally looking at a target move date in June 2017 with a firm permit termination in December, the city’s extension pushes the firm date to June 2018. The Belmont Goats’ current location at SE 92nd and Harold is being eyed for an eventual second phase of Lents Town Center redevelopment but there are no projects on the immediate horizon.

Last month, the nonprofit launched the search for its next home by providing a “how-to” for neighborhoods interested in making a proposal. Initial responses have included an organizing effort by residents of Mill Park and a proposal to site the herd at Gateway Green. This outreach effort will continue, and other neighborhoods are being urged to offer proposals in the coming months. An eventual move date within the new terms of the use permit will be set based upon the results of that process.

“Mill Park’s effort offers a good model for any neighborhood interested in seeking to be the herd’s next home, and the groups behind the Gateway Green proposal were very responsive to our list of needs and wants” said the board’s Treasurer, Jay Jimenez. “As the new year progresses, we hope to have several more such efforts to consider along with these.”

For its remaining time in Lents Town Center, The Belmont Goats intends to focus on its core mission of providing public access to the herd through its regular gate hours, and to offer visits to groups by appointment.

“We’ve hosted everything from bike tours to photography clubs to school field trips to elder care facility outings to attendees of urban planning conferences,” explained Jess Kurtz, the board’s President. “If one of our volunteers is available, we do our best to grant all group visit requests.”

In addition, The Belmont Goats hopes that the longer stay in Lents will allow it to pursue other forms of public access to the herd, e.g. continuing to visit community events around Portland, such as street fairs and parades, and through 24/7 live streaming video, a much-requested featured previously impractical due to constraints on the herd’s length of stay.

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The Belmont Goats, a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of Oregon, is Portland’s nonprofit resident herd, offering an oasis of rural community amidst the built urban environment.

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