A peek into how an admired company quickly chose profit over ethics

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Merck was a champion in the pharmaceutical industry during the late 80s and early 90s.

It spearheaded innovation.

Some of Merck’s masterpieces are the first-ever vaccines for Mumps and Rubella. It also developed the first-ever trivalent vaccine for Measles, Rubella, and Mumps.

Merck was responsible for eradicating Rubella from the United States.

More than 5 best-selling drugs, novel arthritis and pain medicine, drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, etc. The list goes on.

Besides innovation, it was named Fortune Magazine’s most admired company for 7 consecutive years.

Merck became an angel when it donated the entire production of a drug for river blindness, a devastating condition that affected millions of people in impoverished countries. …

Don’t say ‘Time heals everything.’ It hurts.

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As I write this, the global death toll due to COVD-19 is 428K.

There is a good chance that some of those who read this might have lost a loved one to the virus. If yes, you have my deep condolences.

Do you know what the world needs right now?

Help. Support. Shoulders to cry on.

Regardless of how inspiring, uplifting, and comforting we are, when tragedy knocks our doors, we become needy, desperate, and weak.

Yet, this is what makes humans beautiful. We are fabulous because we are vulnerable.

How can we help when the world is grieving?

Let us start with something simple — learning how to comfort a grieving person. Let us accept this — we suck at comforting. …

Why ‘Defund The Police’ fails as a slogan

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Photo: Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

I have always been a fan of the American slogan “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

Maybe it’s because I am passionate about the armed forces. Or it’s because the slogan conveys a powerful message that freedom comes at a heavy, irrevocable cost.

Or maybe, the slogan is just impressively worded.

This is what an effective slogan does. It makes you ponder. It pierces through you and stamps the message deep inside you. Deep-rooted until you die.

But, “Defund the Police” does not do that for me, and here are the reasons:

It has a terrible word choice

As a commoner, I have learned that the prefix de carries connotations such as opposite, removal, negation, reversal, etc. …

Swift culture changes can kill companies.

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Picture by Ruth Caron @ Unsplash

It was the late 1990s.

General Electric and The Home Depot were going through changes that would unnoticeably form a recipe for disaster.

Jack Welch, the CEO of GE, after an extensive succession planning (in layman terms, finding a replacement), chose Jeff Immelt as his successor. Among the top executives who lost the race was Robert Nardelli.

In a parallel world, The Home Depot was going through a turbulent phase. Arthur Blank, despite being a good Co-founder, was an ineffective CEO, with poor skills in handling managers. Consequently, the company’s supply chain management and logistics were disrupted. …

To honor Floyd, we must pull ourselves together, polish our civil minds, and take rational efforts to get actual results.

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Picture by Ev at Unsplash

“George Floyd was not killed by Derek Chauvin.”

This is what I say to myself as I see the officer lunge his knees at George Floyd’s neck.

Before you judge me, hear me out.

As a non-American, unaware of the racial tension in the United States, I could only see a brutal display of a police officer murdering a harmless man.

As I replay the video and read content related to policing in the United States, I get a different perspective on what has been happening with American cops.

Do you know who I think killed George Floyd?

An Organization. Yes, an organization that lacks a strategic approach to racial harmony, human behavior, psychology, and Human Resource Development. …

Hi Medium! I’m bringing my knowledge from Quora.

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My quora journey is impressive. I’ve had 3000 followers on my 5th day of writing. And soon, my follower count has ticked 47k.

My Quora journey is influencing countless lives across the globe. Here is one of the thousand messages I’m receiving daily.


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