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“I think all stories are worth sharing, even (and especially) if they stand on the opposite side of our own beliefs.”

The Establishment is not a neutral source; they have a strong set of values that they rely on to build a relationship with their audience, and this flies directly in conflict with that. There are plenty of places where this story could (and has) been hosted where it’s not directly in conflict with the fundamental values put forth by the publication. Not addressing this with even an editorial note or acknowledgment, at the very least, was irresponsible.

Regarding the response: As I said, there was leeway for responding to this appropriately and within a reasonable timeframe; their initial response was still inappropriate for an initial response. Saying, “Hey, we’re looking into this,” is different than the response they gave — which was dismissive. Also, pretty sure their Marketing Director, not a “social media intern,” is running their shit. The initial response was signed “JS,” which are her initials.

Lastly, the above excerpt is an unequivocal description of rape — and the things leading up to it are also creepy, coercive, and inappropriate. If it doesn’t actually do the author or her relationship justice, that falls on her communication and writing skills — and then responsibility falls on the editor to clarify whether or not that was what the author was meant to say, if for some reason that is unclear.