The Worst Of: Resume Mistakes

Although this “blog” is technically supposed to highlight the very best of subjects, it can often be difficult to pinpoint the best things. Sometimes it is easier to discuss the opposite. For example, when I searched “top 10 resume tips,” I was disappointed by the articles that were presented to me. So, I decided to search “top 10 resume mistakes.” This provided so much more practical advice, and for this reason I have decided to make my second story a bit counterintuitive to the name of this Medium. So, here are the top ten worst mistakes you can make on your resume, as mentioned by frequency by thirteen articles.

  1. Spelling and grammatical errors (9/13)
  2. Simply listing job descriptions rather than highlighting your accomplishments (7/13)
  3. Providing an overwhelming amount of information (6/13)
  4. Fabricating or exaggerating information (6/13)
  5. Not tailoring your resume to the specific application (5/13)
  6. Formatting issues (inconsistency, too busy visually, does not transfer well in e-mails)
  7. Listing your references (4/13)
  8. Making your resume either too long or too short (4/13)
  9. Using an outdated resume or providing outdated contact information (4/13)
  10. Not including key words or being specific (3/13)