All You Need To Know of The Seer’s Sage

The name salvia was used first by Pliny the Elder, who was a historian and a roman scientist. This actually can be translated as the word “to save”. In short, this is used to show the various medicinal uses that our ancestors used to gain from this plant.

About Salvia

Salvia divinorium is what is called the sage the diviners used and is also called seer’s sage or salvia. This is a plant which is psychoactive and it is used for inducing of visions as well as other experiences which are spiritual in nature. This grows in shady and moist locations and is found in Mexico. This plant grows to around just about a meter high and it has stems which are hollow and it has large leaves. There are some flowers which occasionally blossom on it.


People usually Buy salvia online due to the psychoactive properties it contain. This was however earlier used by the Mazatech shamans for religious purposes and for the healing sessions they would conduct.

There are other uses for this too. This has a diterpenoid which is known as salvinorin A and this has a K-opiod as well as a D2 receptor agonist and so this is used in addiction treatment therapy.

This also is used as a diuretic when taken in low dosages. It also treats anemia, diarrhea, rheumatism, headaches as well as a swollen belly.
There are various places and businesses which sell these plants, the extracts of these plants and dried leaves as well as preparations too. The internet has seen the spurt in these businesses as the customers are not restrained by geographical limits.

There are however stories which may cause alarm as these are compared with LSD as well as other substances which are psychoactive in nature. There are also a number of concerns raised by parents as these are being consumed by young teens.


When these are taken or rather misused by people, these produce a hallucinogen effect. The serotonin levels are altered and this causes a change in the sensory perception, hunger, sleep, the mood, body temperature, muscle control as well as sexual behavior of the person.

These also change the perception towards pain and emotion as well as memory, learning and responses to the environment.

There are general short term effects caused such as the heart rate is increased, there is nausea felt, changes in the sensation of time as well as increase in blood pressure, dry mouth, spiritual experiences, feelings of detachment, un coordinated movements and paranoia.

In the long term on repeated use, it may result in speech problems, weight loss, memory loss, anxiety and depression or suicidal thoughts. Some even have persistent psychosis and some suffer from flashbacks.

Yet for those that want to try it, Genuine salvia 20x extract is easily available online. This however may not be legally allowed in some places as there are certain countries where this can be freely sold and other countries which have a restriction on buying and selling of this stuff.

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